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Many of us have pets, but finding a new one with the proper pedigree can be nothing less than a difficult, tedious process. At Sapawcha, you’ll find certified pet breeders with diverse expertise on pet breeding. We offer you healthy pets and diverse pet breeds to choose from. We are located in the local area and you can kindly reach us through our booking form.

Our kittens

Our beautiful kittens are eager and ready for their new homes. They are playful, energetic and will need a lot of love and attention when they move in. We take the time and care necessary to breed kittens that will truly make you smile. With years of experience behind us, you can trust us to deliver every time.

Diverse breeds

Our main service is pet breeding, and we offer a diverse breed of dogs, cats, and other animals. All our animals are available at a pocket-friendly cost because we believe that pet ownership shouldn’t be financially exclusive. Additionally, we keep extensive records of the pets we have available for future reference and action.


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